Wednesday, January 12, 2011

those mystic currents

i love you
your face is an angel`s
your presence is sky`s
your voice so sexy
so warm,makes me woozy

you are my drug
make my day true
to be under its influence
is all that i crave to

give me more
its all that i ask for
didnt know what my life was before
dont care to recall

i need your presence
give me those eyes
thirsty for love
for the emotions you provide
those mystic currents

those,mystic currents
that take me down so fluent
and erase me from this world.....absent
mutant,migrant from it
i come to you
my docent
teach me love your way
feed me that allay
dont care about this eternal....internal fray
i will obey.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inside of me

Get me out of the pattern
allow me to break the cycle
i`ve been feeling so stressed
could use some recycle

let me tell you what im talkin about

have you ever loved someone (found that happiness)
that makes you wanna love everyone
and all you wanna do is love this someone
you love him after,before and between your every action

get him out of your mind,nice try
its all over you thoughts,all in your heart,
all about your mind

then here is a fact about that you wouldnt buy
you are hopelessly in love and tied

for you,he is the spur
renewed your faith in the world
before you met him,in your eyes everything was a blur
and he brought back your sight

he is all there for you
but the way is quite unusual
true or not, its continual
he is there but he is not
right or just cant stop
you are over the moon,and he you gives ecstasy
only cause you found him in that world called fantasy

frightens you now,the fact you love him
even though some how you feel complete with him
so you agreed
to let yourself be
to go out of this on your own
cant have him around anymore
plz dont be mad at me
my heart is already killing me
because breaking out of you sets me free

the time with you was so precious
although im leaving you,you `ll always be
inside of me.