Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Am (2)

I am, wicked
I am, tormently sick
I am, speechful
and I AM
speaking my mind to you

See me in colors or see in black
Its the change that goes on,i ain't no hack

Endure me, embrace me, accept me, are all the same
You do one, you know you have done them all

Rely, on me
Don't even count on me much
I am, your rock
I also crave your touch
My speech, it always go to you
My rhymes, this part i own so much
Inside, i know i`ll never stop
Outside,you are sure i`m not begun.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Judge Me

If you think you can push a nail in my heart
if you think you have the right to highlight your name in my life
if you think you can pinpoint me
then please judge me

If you see that my life style should match yours
i'm supposed to follow only your path
in denial of who really is me
then please judge me

if you think you know who i am
decide my path
grab a pen and write me down
say my name and tell me
i'm being mislead
and show me how my way should be
how far it should go
and where do i stop

make me judgaphobic like they did to you
and see how tomorrow will be
please,judge me.

Friday, May 6, 2011

We Are

define who we are
tell me what we are
defy the world and tell me
its me that you want

escape the sensation
the sense of immigration
come back here within my arms
tell me its me that you want

so fresh,how happy u make me feel
its something that ive never seen
even with my angels in dreams
its always you i feel and need

i know its hard so let me try
to stay always by your side
i wont back down,id rather die
then leave you unprotected

so love me,live me just let go
its always good and you will know
its me and you, all we need
im there baby im cemented

under your feet,i am blended
in your eyes, my heart
to u is handed,its this that i always
wanted,will always say it,will
scream it........will shout it