Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Already In Pain

feel the pain
feel the power
it only last an hour
feel the heat inside your body
its not like you are already
in pain

go through your thoughts
its a promise you will hear them
know what to do when your heart
get in touch with you

dont ignore him
he is your best pal
dont wonder where he'll lead you
will never lead you to bad
its not like you are already
in pain

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rejected love

i waited for you, needed you to talk to
but you were busy, on your cell phone

sealing the deals, handling your business
walking through your finances with your manager

forgetting your biggest investment


your one and only
your babe, you honey
the one who caters to you after a long day at work
feeding you with love and more if you need to
to forget you all about it,
no more brain work

so go there and get busy
maybe one day you`ll get lucky
make a million dollar deal
know how lonely really feel
cause i know now for sure
you wont be spending them with me.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Am (3)

I am scared
I am brave-heart
I can go through whatever it takes
even if it was my smallest mistakes
you take me, you are on
cant show you how much this help
See with a lot of stress

I need my love
I need to finally break up
I have, to let go
and i can just leave all now and go

Monday, July 11, 2011


I see all the eyes on me
the Festive show is on
lights flying above me
and i cant stop

once they spot me
im the center of the show
follows me everywhere i go
no sunglasses, no canopies
can protect me
Earth,swallow me. i cant breathe
cause out in the open,is not what i need

for under the light, truth is exposed
something i cant endure
without my glasses i would never see
that reality created by me
i'll see the world as it really is
dont think i can handle this
ill walk in there,dont have no choice
but my own design....i'll forever miss

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Am (2)

I am, wicked
I am, tormently sick
I am, speechful
and I AM
speaking my mind to you

See me in colors or see in black
Its the change that goes on,i ain't no hack

Endure me, embrace me, accept me, are all the same
You do one, you know you have done them all

Rely, on me
Don't even count on me much
I am, your rock
I also crave your touch
My speech, it always go to you
My rhymes, this part i own so much
Inside, i know i`ll never stop
Outside,you are sure i`m not begun.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Judge Me

If you think you can push a nail in my heart
if you think you have the right to highlight your name in my life
if you think you can pinpoint me
then please judge me

If you see that my life style should match yours
i'm supposed to follow only your path
in denial of who really is me
then please judge me

if you think you know who i am
decide my path
grab a pen and write me down
say my name and tell me
i'm being mislead
and show me how my way should be
how far it should go
and where do i stop

make me judgaphobic like they did to you
and see how tomorrow will be
please,judge me.

Friday, May 6, 2011

We Are

define who we are
tell me what we are
defy the world and tell me
its me that you want

escape the sensation
the sense of immigration
come back here within my arms
tell me its me that you want

so fresh,how happy u make me feel
its something that ive never seen
even with my angels in dreams
its always you i feel and need

i know its hard so let me try
to stay always by your side
i wont back down,id rather die
then leave you unprotected

so love me,live me just let go
its always good and you will know
its me and you, all we need
im there baby im cemented

under your feet,i am blended
in your eyes, my heart
to u is handed,its this that i always
wanted,will always say it,will
scream it........will shout it

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thought If

its me you are talking to
no need to hold onto?
my space is what i need tonight
afterwards,its all on me and I

love me then leave me
then love me then leave me
its me who now should be leaving
wake up from slumber and open my eyes
remove those colored glasses that on i relied

saw you in my eyes an angel,
lived with u in the sky
but it seems not only them can live that high
thought our life was magic
but in truth its tragic
thought when my hair goes white
your hands will be in mine
you`ll help me cross the traffic
your eyes,would still be my magic

thought if i hold onto us then we`ll make it
but all the time you were absent
relationships is a two way investment

Thursday, April 7, 2011

a Life Trial

and the day came when all was gone
when love became empty
when the life you thought was yours has abandoned you
when your heart has run out of laughs
your poetry,out of rhymes.

now the days come.....the days go....
the days are ending
the clock is ticking so loud
and each second that pass,
you feel more and more of the loss
no screaming,no mourning would make a difference
go under the moon and yelp all night
no echo
stay in the broad daylight
and feel how dark the absence can be
how bare and empty can the loneliness become
how could you have it all,and know you dont.

the element,the element is now gone
no matter how hard you`ve tried,you lost it
even though you gave it your all
you are lost without a cause

time has now decided you are not worthy at the moment
will be sent to justice
represented by fate ,your trial begins
and the juries are changeless
looking at you with no merciful eyes
knowing that you now have died
but only the judge will decide
whats your new fate.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

easy love.....easy go

easy love easy go
you had it all
playing your charms on me
thinking im gonna fall
in love with you and dream about you
(my super fantasy)

one day you wake up
next to me in bed
slap you with my pillow
your clothes are torn ahead
my ring is in the toilet,maybe i`ll flush
(see you later honey)

love,one day you have it
on day you loose it
love,mistreat it and loose its benefits
love,misuse it and you`ll regret it
love,(just hurt me and find your first aid kit)

been with you all of this time
you were in my heart,always on my mind
so when you treat me like this
its just not right
(so wrong baby)

forget about me for weeks,like i dont exist
wasnt i the one that you couldnt resist
now if you insist,resist this
(that kick under your belly)

love,one day you have it
one day you loose it
love,mistreat it and loose its benefits
love,misuse it and you`ll regret it
love,(just hurt me and find you first aid kit)

now i`d rather be in jail than be with you
gave you all my love and thats what you do
threw at my face, Merci beau-coup
now go home to your Mamma ,you`re past curfew


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


in the mean time,i find the answer so simple
the desire so rational
for the first time,the whole story makes sense
its something i wont regret

if the urge is so deep
its sense is real
and i want it now more than i need
then i love you,so to speak

under the shadows of love i wander
i look at the love sea
all the loving angels are flying over
and im standing there by me

the cold,cant take it no more
searching for that shelter door
maybe you`ll be there waiting for me
it is my only cure

after a long ride by the seashore
you are there for me,home
expecting me to walk in
wondering all this time
where i`ve been
waiting up with your embrace
the hug,that i`ll inhale

the warmth that keeps me safe
from me,from my heart
from my everlasting debate

for you,through you,with you
ill face the whole world
ill walk through that sea,face those twiddle waves
ill enter that mess of life,do everything it takes
ill be the warrior,little lion man
hunt down all the obstacles
do everything that i can

as long as you are with me
as long as i have you

Saturday, March 12, 2011

the flower

this one i found by chance in one of my old college copybooks,enjoy :D ;

the flower
is it growing or slowly dieing
its life,is it expanding or shrinking
is her stem really providing her with the nutrition it needs
feeding her
or is it blocking it off
killing her

it chose to stay in this soil,spread its roots underneath
not knowing what lies beneath
soil from heaven,or land of hell
what comes next,may never come
barricades might get built around her,or inside her
grass may grow around to protect her,or eliminate her

she might not be pretty,might never will
might never have friends
she might just die
where she chose to live
and her spirit soar

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


now you said that you need me
someone to walk you the way
and i said im in,all yours
we can start today
felt so cheery,spirit set high
wind beneath me,lift me higher to the sky

but on the real ground,shut off that sound
this isnt true,not wright
walked in with my heart,my feelings

the ones that were on my side

im gonna stand there,watch you grow
and in my mind,i may start the lure
despite your walk of fame,the money flow
i`ll always be there next to you

i`ll watch the star,i`ll always pray
i`ll make this work,never walk away
open up the sky,we are on our way
two shiny lovers,in the world of fame
hear my whisper,im gonna stay
with her i may
cross to the side where both are safe

and deep inside,i`ll always say
hoping you change your mind.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

those mystic currents

i love you
your face is an angel`s
your presence is sky`s
your voice so sexy
so warm,makes me woozy

you are my drug
make my day true
to be under its influence
is all that i crave to

give me more
its all that i ask for
didnt know what my life was before
dont care to recall

i need your presence
give me those eyes
thirsty for love
for the emotions you provide
those mystic currents

those,mystic currents
that take me down so fluent
and erase me from this world.....absent
mutant,migrant from it
i come to you
my docent
teach me love your way
feed me that allay
dont care about this eternal....internal fray
i will obey.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inside of me

Get me out of the pattern
allow me to break the cycle
i`ve been feeling so stressed
could use some recycle

let me tell you what im talkin about

have you ever loved someone (found that happiness)
that makes you wanna love everyone
and all you wanna do is love this someone
you love him after,before and between your every action

get him out of your mind,nice try
its all over you thoughts,all in your heart,
all about your mind

then here is a fact about that you wouldnt buy
you are hopelessly in love and tied

for you,he is the spur
renewed your faith in the world
before you met him,in your eyes everything was a blur
and he brought back your sight

he is all there for you
but the way is quite unusual
true or not, its continual
he is there but he is not
right or just cant stop
you are over the moon,and he you gives ecstasy
only cause you found him in that world called fantasy

frightens you now,the fact you love him
even though some how you feel complete with him
so you agreed
to let yourself be
to go out of this on your own
cant have him around anymore
plz dont be mad at me
my heart is already killing me
because breaking out of you sets me free

the time with you was so precious
although im leaving you,you `ll always be
inside of me.