Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new year

miles and miles we are apart
just sitting there,i look up to the stars
thinking i can see you hope u could see me
wanna wish you a happy new year

the days have past and past it was
when we used to watch them together before the dawn
no worries of how tomorrow can be
you used to kiss me happy new year

down im there,i feel profound
sight of sky is great
they are lighting it like your eyes
that were the charms of my day

i remember our love
what we thought no one else had
the fireworks by midnight,
the singing on the keypad
the dancing on the street,how you touch the ground with your tinklish feet
feeling the cold of the marble stone,you jump to the air,i see your hipbone
and how to me you were so dear
we sing together happy new year

the resolutions are always the same
for you the best ,the shinning days
your joyous cheekbones remains
and every year,under the stars i appear
wishing you a happy new year.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


BG i call you,come to me
BG i need you here with me
BG madly in love with you
love the way you are treating me

BG i call you ,your name is right
see you everywhere through my eyes
you are the beauty that shines my day
love it when you beg me with you to stay

BG,god you got it all
everything that i always ask for
all i need and even more
could i more could i possibly ask for

BG`s love is in my heart and eyes
BG knows whats on my mind
yours,when you hug i feel divine
lets skip the world and intertwine

Magic exceeds all i thought
never knew there was more
loving you,all that matters to me
maybe i seize BG.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I am

i am the woman,i am the man
the divine simplicity,the mysterious complexity
i am your enemy,i am your mate
i am the king,i am the slave
i am yours,i am me
through days of life,im strong and im week
i am dead,i am alive
i am safe,i am insecure
i have been burned by the fires of hell
and in heaven,i live and rest

i am the world,i am the globe
around me they all turn
the center of attention,the total neglection
the ultimate perfection,the host of imperfections

the easiest creature you could meet
the hardest you will ever find
clouded from judgements,deep with knowledge

tearful,like sky on a rainy day
happy,my spirit soar
sad,afraid of truth
guilty,not to face it
hurtful,cause pain to grow
angry,with what i can become
at peace,with the real me
at joy,with the fundamentals
at harmony,with the naturals
cool,with the air i breath
satisfied with the ups and downs
they are life...they are me
they am

new beginning

turn on the emotion
let me feel the devotion
let my life come back to me
let me be me

make my heart and spirit rise above
i have been in the dark for quite enough
hated my time,got back at life
ignored the notion,skipped ahead the truth
on my head i had the world.and my mind was set
on the wires and buttons,a machine on set
ready to launch,but not to feel
designed to grow through the atmosphere
never knew how could it be to be me

set my mind and heart on track
set my body figure right
knew who i were deceiving
only me and no other
saw the light in others`s eyes,knew what did they love me for
thought they were right not to believe me before

now lets get past the past,and lets move on
wanna get glam and live my life before my time goes on
wanna feel the sphere of creation
wanna open my heart start the ignition
oh,my heart,how you`ve been,i hope you are ok
you now have my love and life,so lets do it.
lets be,you and me,and you know the secret code.

Monday, December 6, 2010

you and me

here we are again
waiting you and me
not wanting to see
that we are alone

time keep passing by
the candle light is fading
with every piece the fire burns
i feel absurd
and you inside me hurts
im killing my throne

dont you wish you were someone else`s heart
would be alive,doing your part
giving life and taking love
glorious inside like art

you would feel things i dont feel
wouldn't fear the need
only on love you`ll feed
and never afraid of more

if i could i`d let you go
you deserve better than me
and when i do i`d die
could be my relief
the beginning of your dawn.