Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thought If

its me you are talking to
no need to hold onto?
my space is what i need tonight
afterwards,its all on me and I

love me then leave me
then love me then leave me
its me who now should be leaving
wake up from slumber and open my eyes
remove those colored glasses that on i relied

saw you in my eyes an angel,
lived with u in the sky
but it seems not only them can live that high
thought our life was magic
but in truth its tragic
thought when my hair goes white
your hands will be in mine
you`ll help me cross the traffic
your eyes,would still be my magic

thought if i hold onto us then we`ll make it
but all the time you were absent
relationships is a two way investment

Thursday, April 7, 2011

a Life Trial

and the day came when all was gone
when love became empty
when the life you thought was yours has abandoned you
when your heart has run out of laughs
your poetry,out of rhymes.

now the days come.....the days go....
the days are ending
the clock is ticking so loud
and each second that pass,
you feel more and more of the loss
no screaming,no mourning would make a difference
go under the moon and yelp all night
no echo
stay in the broad daylight
and feel how dark the absence can be
how bare and empty can the loneliness become
how could you have it all,and know you dont.

the element,the element is now gone
no matter how hard you`ve tried,you lost it
even though you gave it your all
you are lost without a cause

time has now decided you are not worthy at the moment
will be sent to justice
represented by fate ,your trial begins
and the juries are changeless
looking at you with no merciful eyes
knowing that you now have died
but only the judge will decide
whats your new fate.