Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I am

i am the woman,i am the man
the divine simplicity,the mysterious complexity
i am your enemy,i am your mate
i am the king,i am the slave
i am yours,i am me
through days of life,im strong and im week
i am dead,i am alive
i am safe,i am insecure
i have been burned by the fires of hell
and in heaven,i live and rest

i am the world,i am the globe
around me they all turn
the center of attention,the total neglection
the ultimate perfection,the host of imperfections

the easiest creature you could meet
the hardest you will ever find
clouded from judgements,deep with knowledge

tearful,like sky on a rainy day
happy,my spirit soar
sad,afraid of truth
guilty,not to face it
hurtful,cause pain to grow
angry,with what i can become
at peace,with the real me
at joy,with the fundamentals
at harmony,with the naturals
cool,with the air i breath
satisfied with the ups and downs
they are life...they are me
they am

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful poem... Did you actually write it, Omar??? Is it really your???
    BGD, lovely words
    Keep it up, Brother :)