Wednesday, December 15, 2010

new beginning

turn on the emotion
let me feel the devotion
let my life come back to me
let me be me

make my heart and spirit rise above
i have been in the dark for quite enough
hated my time,got back at life
ignored the notion,skipped ahead the truth
on my head i had the world.and my mind was set
on the wires and buttons,a machine on set
ready to launch,but not to feel
designed to grow through the atmosphere
never knew how could it be to be me

set my mind and heart on track
set my body figure right
knew who i were deceiving
only me and no other
saw the light in others`s eyes,knew what did they love me for
thought they were right not to believe me before

now lets get past the past,and lets move on
wanna get glam and live my life before my time goes on
wanna feel the sphere of creation
wanna open my heart start the ignition
oh,my heart,how you`ve been,i hope you are ok
you now have my love and life,so lets do it.
lets be,you and me,and you know the secret code.

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