Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new year

miles and miles we are apart
just sitting there,i look up to the stars
thinking i can see you hope u could see me
wanna wish you a happy new year

the days have past and past it was
when we used to watch them together before the dawn
no worries of how tomorrow can be
you used to kiss me happy new year

down im there,i feel profound
sight of sky is great
they are lighting it like your eyes
that were the charms of my day

i remember our love
what we thought no one else had
the fireworks by midnight,
the singing on the keypad
the dancing on the street,how you touch the ground with your tinklish feet
feeling the cold of the marble stone,you jump to the air,i see your hipbone
and how to me you were so dear
we sing together happy new year

the resolutions are always the same
for you the best ,the shinning days
your joyous cheekbones remains
and every year,under the stars i appear
wishing you a happy new year.

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