Tuesday, March 8, 2011


now you said that you need me
someone to walk you the way
and i said im in,all yours
we can start today
felt so cheery,spirit set high
wind beneath me,lift me higher to the sky

but on the real ground,shut off that sound
this isnt true,not wright
walked in with my heart,my feelings

the ones that were on my side

im gonna stand there,watch you grow
and in my mind,i may start the lure
despite your walk of fame,the money flow
i`ll always be there next to you

i`ll watch the star,i`ll always pray
i`ll make this work,never walk away
open up the sky,we are on our way
two shiny lovers,in the world of fame
hear my whisper,im gonna stay
with her i may
cross to the side where both are safe

and deep inside,i`ll always say
hoping you change your mind.

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