Wednesday, March 16, 2011


in the mean time,i find the answer so simple
the desire so rational
for the first time,the whole story makes sense
its something i wont regret

if the urge is so deep
its sense is real
and i want it now more than i need
then i love you,so to speak

under the shadows of love i wander
i look at the love sea
all the loving angels are flying over
and im standing there by me

the cold,cant take it no more
searching for that shelter door
maybe you`ll be there waiting for me
it is my only cure

after a long ride by the seashore
you are there for me,home
expecting me to walk in
wondering all this time
where i`ve been
waiting up with your embrace
the hug,that i`ll inhale

the warmth that keeps me safe
from me,from my heart
from my everlasting debate

for you,through you,with you
ill face the whole world
ill walk through that sea,face those twiddle waves
ill enter that mess of life,do everything it takes
ill be the warrior,little lion man
hunt down all the obstacles
do everything that i can

as long as you are with me
as long as i have you

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