Thursday, November 18, 2010

a devotion state

maybe i love you
this is my world
the power of devotion this makes up my life
i wait for you,long for your time
and all around my life turns just when you want

name it im there,call me im down
protect me stop me from me and from myself
get the best of me
and from me if you want
its all from you, for you, and around you
you are my earth

for everyday i`ve been waitting
for being with you
sitting on my couch,
phone in my lap
computer in front of my eyes,maybe you will chat

tell me you need me,miss me inisde
that your day is not the same if you dont hear my voice
that in your mirror you see my reflection
and in your dreams im the angel that makes your sleep so wright

whenever i pass by your mind,hold that thought,
call me say that you were just thinking about me
love me and say it
feed me the strength
to be able to let my day pass cause in its end
i`ll call you tell u thats it was over

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