Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the Element

at first i was me,i was skeptical
kept thinking oh Mr. judgmental

how far you can is just too much for me

cant take it, cant leave

now its been many weeks and i have been in love
found the light that was long ago turned off

i closed my bedroom door and sat alone
sick of my laptop,cant read no more
silence starts to become enjoyable
new voices though began to merge
started talking and i listened
warned about the urge,all that i was missin
new more voices begin to show
never realized i had them but i heard them all

when you see you in a new way its empowering
a feeling that there is nothing like it
you got you,found you,felt you
and there is no need for that other you

now its been many weeks and i meet you
im not the one that i used to
for having been apart i say thank you
now i am me,inside me.

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