Saturday, November 27, 2010


hide it
keep it for yourself
fill your pillow with tears at night
wake up,like its never been said

one night you are going to recall the moments,
in a second they`ll come,
waiting for their feeler,
wishing he wont stop.

the feelings,hold them so tight
love them,embrace them,hope one day you`ll find,
the grace after weariness
the cosiness after cold
the ultimate tenderness they`ve given me
the love that was lost before

the memories,remember me,will make you feel joyful
grant you moments of pleasure
will bring your heart back to beating
filling your whole body with life
as i used to hug you,vibrant with love
confirming with every inch i touch in you to the whole world
that we are one and will always be.
confessing that i love you with every ounce of my heart,with every sense i own,
that your are me.

will cause to long for me,but who am i
waiting for me,but in the end i`ll die
that place where u used to see me
will be always our place
but one of us through time
may not be there.

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