Monday, November 15, 2010

The Love Book

Prologue :

i am the famous thing the one you all love
so deep down,inside; you know only me you need
from all thats in the world only me that matters
forget the money
forget the fame
forget security, mortal security, all for me you`d trade

from me, you have come
for me, you live
with out me, its like you dont exist

and you do know you dont exist without me.

Chapter 1 :
the love Fear

close your eyes and feel me
say goodnight to the world and only be with me
in your dreams or if you are awake
know.....i`ll be there.

they say the love thing is great (i say whatever)
they say you`ll go to heaven on earth (i say what ever)
dont you wanna find your one (whatever)

love sickness and joy is what im lacking

trying to put it on hold (cant wait no longer)
thinking what would happen if i (let go or surrender)
then i close my eyes and see (broken hearts,shattered glass)

so i say thank you for safety reasons i`ll pass.

Chapter 2:
the love Sick

I am the bow and arrow
the blessing,the curse.
the craving inside you that never goes

who to love,how to love.longing for you
my dear friend where can i find you

in love with love,need love,afraid of love
just send me out there,turn me into love
turn me from me into you, take me deep down
maybe one day i`ll be like you, maybe one day i`ll be love
whether im Edward or Bella,i`ll know i`ve got love

i am the solo,i am the alone
i am the king, turned to stone
when its late at night and im in bed
the craving comes like never ends
it gets warm, i need more
but thats all to it, there is nothing more
not in love
in love
in love with love.

these thoughts are back, they are never ending

the human inside you, is begging for it

the voice form within keeps saying
what kinda creature shits himself out when he is in love.

Chapter 3:

its this thing that has got me wondering
how is it? how can it be?

is it some magic or something hardly real

is it really the ultimate blessing on earth
or its biggest doom

is it going to send me flying
or will be constricted,chained to the floor

i really dont know
but what i do,i love you

chapter 4:
At Last

i love,love and this is you
i have,you i have the world
no need,to know whats coming next
cause you,all i want and need
i sleep,securely
i eat,with appetite
i sing,like i am the opera man
i drink,from your loving pond
i live,joyfully i feel blessed
like god,created me for this
like creation,is in harmony with me
like i`m, the god down on land
i am a lover, and i am in love with you.

and it opened again
the flow started running again like water
running back where it belongs
the sky opened
the colours became brighter
and the state was back to trance.

the end.

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